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Yang Ping

Summary:Mr. Yang Ping is the Chief Investment Officer and the member of Management Decision Committee of the company. He is in charge of Strategic Investment Portfolio, Everbright Equity Advantage Fund, Everb[Full Text]

Tag: Hong_Kong Finance China_Everbright_Limited 杨平 楊平
Cheng Chi-man

Summary:Miss Cheng Chi-man, Sonia, has been appointed as the Executive Vice Chairman of New World Hotel Management Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of[Full Text]

Tag: HongKong New_World_China_Land_Limited 郑志雯 鄭志雯
Cheng Chi-kong

Summary:Mr Cheng Chi-kong, Adrian was appointed an Executive Director of New World China Land Limited in March 2007. He is also a member of the Executive Committee o[Full Text]

Tag: HongKong New_World_China_Land_Limited 郑志刚 鄭志剛
Ou Yaping

Summary:Mr. Ou Yaping, is the chairman and an executive director, a member of remuneration committee and indirect substantial shareholder of the Enerchina Holdings Limited. He is als[Full Text]

Tag: HongKong Enerchina_Holdings_Limited 欧亚平 歐亞平
Ke Shifeng

Summary:Mr. Ke Shifeng, Non-executive Director,aged 44, was appointed as a Non-executive Director of China Merchants China Direct Investments Limited on 22 December 2009. He was employed by Martin Currie Inve[Full Text]

Tag: HongKong China_Merchants_China_Direct_Investments_ Limited 柯世锋 柯世鋒
Xiang Junbo

Summary:Mr.Xiang Junbo,recived a PHD in law from Peking University and is a Research Fellow. He has serverd as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Agricultural Bank of China since Jan[Full Text]

Tag: China Agricultural_Bank_of_China 项俊波 項俊波
Liu Yonghao

Summary:Mr.Liu Yonghao,board Chairman of New Hope Group, President of Hope Group,Vice-Chairman of Committee for Economic Affairs of the CPPCC, Vice-President of China Feed Industry Association( CFIA), Presid[Full Text]

Tag: China Entrepreneur New_Hope_Group 刘永好 劉永好
Li Man Bun

Summary:Mr. Li Man Bun, Brian David,has been an Independent Non-Executive Director since 23 May 2007 and has acted as the chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee of the Town[Full Text]

Tag: HongKong Towngas_China_Company_Limited 李民斌 李民斌
Cheng Kar-shing

Summary:Mr. Cheng Kar-shing, Peter was appointed an Executive Director of New World China Land Limited in June 1999. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of[Full Text]

Tag: HongKong New_World_China_Land_Limited 郑家成 鄭家成
Qi Ming

Summary:Prof. Qi Ming, tutor for PhD candidates, resided in Guangzhou, is currently an executive dean for the Economics and Commerce Institute of the South China University of Technology, a vice dean of the M[Full Text]

Tag: Guangzhou_in_China education South_China_University_of_Technology 祁明 祁明