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Gao Dekang -- Chinese Who is Who

Mr. Gao Dekang Mr. Gao Dekang

Mr. Gao Dekang is the chairman & CEO of the Bosideng International Holdings Ltd.

From humble beginnings, Mr. Gao turned a small textile business comprising 11 tailors into a multibillion RMB enterprise, creating the undisputed leader in down apparel and one of the most profitable garment companies in China. Inspired by Deng Xiaoping's famous Southern China visit in 1992, Mr. Gao decided to set up the Bosideng brand, challenging the might of the large state-owned clothing enterprises. His conviction in his beliefs, tenacity and vision as an entrepreneur enabled him to take calculated risks to challenge his larger rivals – and ultimately surpassed them. Bosideng is a clear market leader in the Chinese down garment market with estimated market share of over 30%. Bosideng was the leading down apparel brand in China based on sales for 12 consecutive years from 1995 to 2006. Mr. Gao has a strong affinity with his home town. He developed the award-winning Kan Bo Village comprising about 400 modern villas, which enabled the whole community to move into new houses.

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(Source: 2007安永企业家奖)