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Liu Yongxing -- Chinese Who is Who

Liu YongxingMr.Liu Yongxing

Mr.Liu Yongxing, born in June 1948 in Xinjin County, Sichuan Province. At present, he is the Chairman of Hope Group and East Hope Group, Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, and member of CPPCC Standing Committee of Shanghai Pudong New Area.

Mr. Liu Yongxing is a typical businessman, good at solid, pragmatic and lean management. Insisting on Scientific Outlook on Development, he actively builds the heavy chemical recycling economy industry chain of East Hope. His management thinking of “seeking for greater perfection” and investment philosophy of “achieving greater, faster and economical results” guide East Hope to keep sustained and healthy development.

● In 1982, he and his three brothers resigned from public offices for co-venture.
● In 1986, the Liu brothers founded Hope Science Institute specializing in feed. Two years later, Liu’s “Hope” feed was successfully tested.
● In 1991, the Liu brothers set up Hope Group in Chengdu, Liu Yongxing as chairman. During the years later, Hope Group had become China’s largest private enterprise group.
● In 1995, the Liu brothers cleared property rights. Liu Yongxing formed East Hope Group with his 13 companies and served as chairman.
● In 1999, East Hope Group headquarter moved to Shanghai Pudong from Chengdu.
● In 2001, Liu Yongxing and his brothers were rated as the top of China’s Most Successful Businessmen by “Forbes”, a well-known U.S. financial magazine.
● In 2002, Liu Yongxing was rated as one of “2001CCTV Top 10 China’s Economic Leaders” and “Sohu 2001 Top 10 Financial Leaders”.
● In September 2003, Liu Yongxing won “Medal for China’s Glorious Cause” owing to his long-term support for the economic development in “the old, sparse, frontier and poor” areas and central and western regions.
● In 2004, Liu Yongxing was rated as “Outstanding Entrepreneurs Invest in Shandong” by the People’s Government of Shandong Province.
● In January 2005, Liu Yongxing was named “2004 China’s Top 10 Celebrities of Private Economy” by the Private Economy News.
● In July 2005, Liu Yongxing was chosen as “2005 China’s Most Powerful People of Wealth” by “China’s Fortune Global Forum 2005”.
● In May 2006, Liu Yongxing was rated as “Top 10 Entrepreneur Leaders” by the Contemporary Manager magazine and Market Economy Academy, Peking University.
● In May 2006, Liu Yongxing was appraised as “Charity Star of Pudong New Area” by the Federation of Industry and Commerce of Shanghai Pudong New Area.
● In August 2006, Liu Yongxing was chosen as “China’s Top 25 Exploit Brand Leaders” by “Aigo” Brand China’s Overall Rating List.
● In December 2007, Liu Yongxing was rated as “2007 Top 500 Richest Global Chinese Entrepreneurs” by World Eminence Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.
● In April 2008, Liu Yongxing won the honorary title of “2008 China Fortune Leader” by World Eminence Chinese Entrepreneurs Association.
● In December 2008, Liu Yongxing was awarded the honorary title of “30 Rural People in 30-Year China’s Reform and Opening-up”.

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