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Chen Po Sum

Summary:(to be edited) Chen Po Sum...[Full Text]

Tag: HongKongFinanceHong_Kong_Securities_and_Business_Association陈葆心陳葆心
Lin Peng

Summary:Mr. Lin Peng is an executive director of the Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited. Mr. Lin joined the Tanrich Group in October 2011 and is the Deputy CEO and Corporate Development Director of the Group....[Full Text]

Tag: HongKongFinanceTanrich_Financial_Holdings_Limited林芃林芃
Wong Lai-Ping

Summary:Ms. Wong Lai-Ping is an executive director of the Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited and is also a director of its main subsidiaries, namely Tanrich Financial (Management) Limited, Tanrich Investment...[Full Text]

Tag: HongKongFinanceTanrich_Financial_Holdings_Limited黃麗萍黄丽萍
Kwok Kam-Hoi

Summary:Mr. Kwok Kam-Hoi is the deputy chairman and chief executive officer of the Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited . Mr. Kwok is also a director of each subsidiary of the Company. He joined the Tanrich Gro...[Full Text]

Tag: HongKongFinanceTanrich_Financial_Holdings_Limited郭金海郭金海
Yip Man-Fan

Summary:Dr. Yip Man-Fan is the chairman of the Tanrich Financial Holdings Limited and the founder of the Tanrich Group . Dr. Yip is also a director of certain subsidiaries of the Company, namely Tanrich Finan...[Full Text]

Tag: HongKongFinanceTanrich_Financial_Holdings_Limited葉德華叶德华
So Wing Keung

Summary:Mr. So Wing Keung started his risk and insurance career in 1972. He has experience in both Asia and North America as risk consultant, insurance claims handler, insurance underwriter, insurance agent a...[Full Text]

Tag: HongkongFinancialThe_Hong_Kong_Confederation_of_Insurance_Brokers蘇榮強苏荣强
Poon Chui Ngor

Summary:Ms. Poon Chui Ngor has been working in the insurance broking industry since 1983 and currently she heads up the Corporate Team of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Ltd. She has served on the General Committee si...[Full Text]

Tag: HongkongFinancialThe_Hong_Kong_Confederation_of_Insurance_Brokers潘翠娥潘翠娥
Chan Chi Kong

Summary:Mr. Patrick Chan Chi Kong is the Director & General Manager of Nova Risk Services Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of FSE Holdings Limited which is a leading conglomerate in the services industry in Hon...[Full Text]

Tag: HongkongFinancialThe_Hong_Kong_Confederation_of_Insurance_Brokers陳志江陈志江
Gong Shaolin

Summary:Dr. Gong Shaolin , born in June 1955, obtained a Ph. D from Southwest University of Finance and Economics and holds a professional title of “Senior Economist”. Dr. Gong is the Chairman of China Merc...[Full Text]

Tag: HongKongFinanicalChina_Merchants_Group宫少林宫少林
Choy Kwok Hung

Summary:Mr. Choy Kwok Hung, Patrick, was appointed as the Chairman and a non-executive Director of CHINA FINANCIAL LEASING GROUP on 14 June 2007, and he has been re-designated as an executive Director of the...[Full Text]